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Katydid Hill

Tea + Tarot Box

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For a curious creative seeking a spark for their routine. Light the inner fire with tea and tarot. 

Everything you need to get started with tarot reading for the beginner, or for the enthusiast to add to their deck collection.

Get cozy, get creative and get in tune with this box of magic.

what's inside

~ Moonbeam Tea Blend : herbal magic for deep rest and restoration
~ Adapt Tarot Deck and Guidebook by Delilah Miske
~ Votive candle, 100% beeswax from Mithras Candles

How it's made

~ Moonbeam Tea Blend : 100% grown, blended and packaged with heart on Katydid Hill Farm in Orwigsburg, Pa.

~ Votive candle : 100% beeswax from Pennsylvania hives, hand poured in Philly by Mithras Candles.

~ Adapt tarot deck and guidebook, by Delilah Miske:

The concept for Adapt Tarot is rooted in a love for the traditional Rider-Waite deck and the urge to make it more inclusive, contemporary, and applicable to people reading tarot today. It was also made from a place of resourcefulness, to create artwork using materials that otherwise would have been thrown away. Delilah spent her time rummaging through thrift stores, bins, and other forgotten or abandoned places to find the images that have come together to make this collection. This deck is based off the traditional format of the Rider-Waite series (also known as, Waite-Smith, Rider-Waite-Smith, or Rider deck) which was originally printed in 1910.

This 78-card tarot deck is modeled after the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith deck. The imagery is all original collage artwork created by Delilah Miske throughout 2020 and 2021. The card stock for this deck is a smooth 330 GSM royal and shuffles nicely. It is an average tarot deck size of 2.75" by 4.75".

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"These teas taste magical"

– Zoe S.

Herbal tea details

How to brew

How to brew, steep and enjoy your herbal tea:

Serving size chart

Our lil serving size chart to help you find the right size tea:

Sample pack = 2 cups of tea; Jar = 10-12 cups of tea; Apothecary pouch = 50 cups of tea

farming with heart

For Ben and I, farming is always about learning and trying to do our best. Just as often as we get things right, we mess things up, so to say we have a perfect system for growing herbs wouldn't be true. What we do is put lots of care and heart into growing the herbs for you. 

Read more about our growing practices.

meet your farmers

Tea Testimonials

rose geranium herbal tea
lemon balm herbal tea
chamomile flowers herbal tea
passionflower elixir

Flower Tea : do I need to explain that? It's tea with flowers. I am so happy to support a woman owned high quality organically grown herb farm. Every blend is considerate and packaging is on point. LOVE!

Hannah K.

I loved the teas. There is so much care in the packaging and the tea itself and the message on the jar, all the products are very special. Tea is a special moment for me I shared with mom and sister.

Paz Giron

Moonbeam tea...Good golly, my poor nervous system... it's a balm.

Meg Smith, CCH, The Nurtured Way

I’ve been enjoying your chamomile tea with my toddler…we love seeing the whole, high quality ingredients in the tea, and it teaches my son about herbs. He loves to see the chamomile flowers! The teas themselves are delicious and calming. 

Rachel K

Your sweet Sunshine Tea is fragrant and instantly calming but THAT CALENDULA. The most resinous, juicy, sumptuous dried flower I've ever had the chance to enjoy…Umph! 

Ailbhe Pascal, former chef and herban farmer

I feel enriched and welcomed by the materials you share and know I am getting high quality herbs that are grown with love and respect.

Grace, Environmental Advocate & Gardener