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Kitchen Garden Series

Linen Tea Bags

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Beautiful, functional, reusable linen tea bags. Perfect for steeping a cup of tea on the go or at home without creating extra waste.

These organic linen tea bags will last for years and can be returned to the earth when they do reach the end of their life. 

How to use: Open pouch to fill with herbs, let steep in your cup or pot. Flip them inside out to rinse between uses. 

how its made

Ethically made in Pennsylvania of 100% organic linen. Designed and sewn by Heidi Barr at Kitchen Garden Textiles.

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    How we grow

    Farming with heart

    For Ben and I, farming is always about learning and trying to do our best. Just as often as we get things right, we mess things up, so to say we have a perfect system for growing herbs wouldn't be true. What we do is put lots of care and heart into growing the herbs for you. 

    Read more about our growing practices.

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