New herbal tea blends - now certified organic!

"Your teas and elixirs have helped me bring more ritual and infuse calming magic back into my life."

– Alea

"it is more than just a cup of tea to me."

- Caitlyn

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chamomile herbal tea flower
calendula flower herbal tea
lemon balm herbal tea
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chamomile flowers herbal tea

Thank you for the time and care you put into your products. It is more than just a cup of tea to me. My husband and I have been sitting down to drink tea almost every night for ten years and every time we make a pot of Sunshine Tea we both smile and say “this is good tea” we appreciate you!


I felt rejuvenated and uplifted, soothed and balanced on both a physical and emotional level.

Brittany G.

I’ve been enjoying your chamomile tea with my toddler…we love seeing the whole, high quality ingredients in the tea, and it teaches my son about herbs. He loves to see the chamomile flowers! The teas themselves are delicious and calming.

Rachel K.

Your sweet Sunshine Tea is fragrant and instantly calming but THAT CALENDULA. The most resinous, juicy, sumptuous dried flower I've ever had the chance to enjoy…Umph!

Ailbhe Pascal, former chef and herban farmer

I find myself reaching for Meadow Tea every morning to establish a sense of calm, inspiration, and gentleness as I start my day. It’s been a ritual that has helped me feel grounded before I go out into the chaotic world of teaching urban elementary education through a pandemic. 

Morgen, Multilingual Learners teacher, Indianapolis

I love receiving greatly quality herbs and supporting regenerative farming as well as a small business whose ethos and mission aligns with my own.


I had tried so many things to help with anxiety or some of my chronic pain, and I as soon as I tried my first cup of tea with y'all, it was like love at first sight and I couldn't believe how quickly my body felt better after struggling for so long to find something that would work for me. Knowing on top of that how you prioritize community voice and practice, systems transformation, and local programs, it was even more exciting. 


Chamomile -- it makes such a huge difference to get it grown locally and recently compared to other bulk suppliers…calming and has lovely nose and flavor, and helps me relax during stress. 


Herbal sleep + stress support

Our go-to plant-based formulas for daytime calm, deep sleep support, and daily nourishment.

Cup of calm please


We grow the freshest and most flavorful herbal teas to help you reclaim rest, pleasure and connection.

the flavor is the medicine

meet your herb farmers

It all started with a couple of goats...

the love story

Farming with heart

How we grow together - building the soil, cultivating plants and growing as farmers everyday.

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