The Story of Small Farm Tea Bags Part 3

The Story of Small Farm Tea Bags Part 3

We have finally landed on a product that we are super proud of. The tea bags are beautiful and the resulting tea is scrumptious. This was a great trial run, and though we may do things a bit differently next time (remember, always be adjusting!) we are truly excited to finally share these tea bags with you!

I will reassure the loose leaf diehards - we will ALWAYS offer loose leaf! It is truly our bread and butter, and the best choice for brewing up a pot to share. But we’re excited for tea bags to make our herbs more accessible for a single cup on the go or for gifting to someone new.

Ultimately, the supply chain for our tea bags has remained largely unchanged from our loose leaf teas - from our soil to your cup. They take a quick vacay at the copacker to move through a specialized tea bagging machine, but then they come back to our small farm for final inspection and packaging, to get ready for your hands. 

We know that there’s some disturbing info out there about microplastics in your teabags - ending up in your tea, your body, and then in the wastestream, agh! Those types are either the pyramid shape made from nylon, or the paper style of bag - microplastics are woven into the material so that it doesn’t fall apart in your hot cup, or used in the sealing process. Not really wanting to encapsulate our very presh herbs in that nonsense, we searched for another option. Enter, neosoilon! This material has a PLA base and 100% made from plants - no mircoplastics or scary chemicals needed. The fine mesh creates a beautifully brewed cup, and the pyramid shape allows the herbs to really float and expand for maximum steepage. We are VERY pleased! 

Once back in our hands at the apothecary, the tea bags go through a final round of inspection before we pack them into the same reusable glass jars that you’re used to seeing our loose leaf teas in. 


Overall, again, we could not be more excited to add this option to our 100% PA grown herbal tea line. Katydid Hill tea bags will officially launch May 17, 2023.