Meet the Team

Our team at Katydid Hill is always filled with amazing people. Sometimes it’s just Ben and I and sometimes it's a farm full of us, our relatives, the main crew and volunteers. No matter how many people are working it’s always inspiring to be around folks who also love herbs and tea as much as I do. 

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Work with us

Haley robb

Farm apprentice

A seedling from Virginia, Haley has been putting down roots inbetween the trees of Pennsylvania for several years. After formally studying the environment, its systems, and the way humans interact with our resources, they took interest in the impact that sustainable farming practices can have on improving soil, water, and human health. At Katydid Hill and through the Diversified Vegetable Apprenticeship, Haley is excited to learn farming techniques and apply them in the field while growing tea to share with others. 

Natasha repard

Farm + market crew

Natasha is a seeker of movement, loves getting out in nature and loves animals. Though she primarily worked in agriculture with animals in the past she is excited to get into the soil and co-create with mother nature. She is entering a new chapter in life and is excited to start that journey with the Katydid Hill farm team! 

Kera gibbs

Market crew

My name is Kera and I am wildly passionate about plants! I wasn’t always that way, though. Through the pandemic my focus changed from consumerism to engagement and sustainability. Through that lens I discovered an incredible gardening community that opened my scope. I discovered Katydid Hill though my co-ops mercantile shop. Their products supported me through very tough years and I am committed to return the favor. I look forward to celebrating special moments with the entire Katydid Hill Team and family!

Haley Galindo

Marketing assistant

Haley helps with all things marketing and social media for small, sustainable businesses. She gets a thrill out of uplifting voices of businesses that are doing great work and is so excited to be working with Katydid Hill for that reason! Haley loves tea. One time she had a friend tell her that she had never met someone so committed to daily tea. In her free time you can catch her spending time with family, sipping herbal teas with a good book in hand, and exploring the outdoors.

Renee Melvin

Assistant farm manager + resident Ceramicist

Renee is the Mama Bear of the farm, and we wouldn't be in business without her! Renee has done almost every task around the farm - glamorous and unglamorous - from weedwacking to working the market stand to digging thistles out of our fields for hours. She has been creating pottery over 40 years and specializes in beautiful, functional kitchen wares inspired by her gardens.

Katelyn Melvin + Ben Wissinger


Partners in love and farming! You can read more about us (and our love story) here.