Tooth of the Lion Farm is now Katydid Hill

Tooth of the Lion Farm is now Katydid Hill

As of September 17th, 2022 - Tooth of the Lion Farm has grown out of its cocoon and officially emerged as Katydid Hill! 

Why the change?? Truthfully, I kind of love change. I know a lot of people dread it, and sometimes I find myself there too. But it’s the best feeling when you can shed some old things, compost them, and move forward with some new fresh growth. Like the Death card in tarot (the best one, IYKYK), or just like a good spring cleaning.

Why Katydid Hill? My mom used to call me Katydid when I was young - only later did I find out that they are the crickets that you hear singing “katydid, katydidn’t” in late summer into the first frosts of fall. Ben and I wanted a name that would be an ode to the land in those magical late summer evenings - just the kind of light chill in the air when the katydids are singing loud and you might make yourself a pot of chamomile tea to sip on the porch.  

I founded Tooth of the Lion back in the day when I was living in Philly, making tinctures out of herbs from my tiny garden spots and wild harvesting some abundant weedy herbs to share. I moved up here to Orwigsburg to start a farm that would supply all the herbs for the apothecary line in 2016, and it has been quite the journey since then. I have learned a f**k ton in the process of starting a farm, and have been so lucky to have awesome family and farm crew who toiled away with me to create something really special here. 

But then along came my now sweetie - husband - partner in love and farming, and we wanted to solidify these new beginnings with a fresh start. Ben joined the farm crew in 2020 after we met through a good old goat wrangling (longform story coming soon), we fell in love and now we’re doing this whole small farming thing together and I couldn’t be more proud of what we have going on.  

Although we are VERY excited about our new logo and all, the change is not just a shallow rebranding - Ben and I have been working hard to make sure that this venture reflects our values together. And we have some big plans - including growing a LOT more herbal teas for you! 

If you’ve had some favorite Tooth of the Lion blends, don’t worry - we are keeping all the good ones, and adding some new blends as well. We are committed to growing 100% of the herbs in our teas right here on our farm in Orwigsburg Pa - currently Certified Naturally Grown and soon to be officially Certified Organic (just a bit of extra paperwork!). We’ll keep you in the loop as we transition things over the next few months, so stay tuned.

Even though I love it, change isn’t easy - in fact changing the name, branding and ownership structure of business was a WHOLE situation - but there is so much goodness coming your way!