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Renee Melvin Pottery

Ceramic Katydid Mug

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Unique, hand thrown ceramic mugs made exclusively for Katydid Hill!

The hand-feel of these mugs is SO COZY, with a hand-pulled handle for that perfect thumb grip. Pull on your fave wool sweater, grab a good novel and get comfy. 

Each mug is unique and colors will vary - all are gorgeous with that handmade touch. 

Holds approximately 12-14 ounces. Dishwasher and microwave safe.


how its made

A mother-daughter collaboration! Lovingly designed and handcrafted by Renee Melvin Pottery.

Handcrafted in this case means a wheel thrown body and hand dipped, high fire glaze. Even trimmed on Renee's human-powered kick wheel!

Renee is the mama bear of the farm crew and in addition to being head of our Pottery Department, she also helps out with whatever is needed - mowing the farm aisles, digging out thistle from the fields, whipping up a farm lunch, or staking tomatoes in the garden. She has been creating pottery over 40 years and specializes in beautiful, functional kitchen wares inspired by her gardens.

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