Biobased Tea Bags

All Katydid Hill herbal tea bags are made from 100% biobased materials and are BPI certified compostable.

The tea bag material is called NeoSoilon, a mesh filter made from PLA resin originally derived from non-GMO sugar cane. 

We love using NeoSoilon for our teabags - not only do they look beautiful and show off our full leaf herbal teas, but the fine mesh and triangular shape also provide an excellent steep of herbs in every cup. Plus, it's all plants! There's no petroleum products involved, no microplastics in the fibers, and no "glue" to worry about.

Compostability: Our tea bags comply with European Standard EN 13432, the international standard ISO 17088 and also American Standard ASTM D6400, which means that 90% of its weight can biodegrade within 180 days in industrial composting conditions. 

Please check with your local composting facility to ensure that they can accept these materials.

For the home composter, let us know how these degrade for you in your conditions - we would love to share tips! 

According to the manufacturer, NeoSoilon has these advantages: 

  1. Made of 100% PLA filaments from sugarcane. It is 100% bio-based and biodegradable*.

  2. Suitable for various leaf teas because of its excellent permeability.

  3. Contained no hazardous substances such as endocrine disruptors (environmental hormones)

  4. Completely biodegraded when disposed in soil under good condition.

  5. No generation of hazardous gases such as dioxin when burnt decomposed into CO2 and water.

  6. The raw material of PLA resin originate from GMO free green crops – sugarcane.

  7. Recyclable and environment-friendly, complies with international standards of industrial compost.

Check out this PDF from the manufacturer for all the details of NeoSoilon. And as always, reach out to us if you have any questions at all!